About us

Tharwah Human Resources (Previously Kawader Management Consulting) is a boutique HR consulting firm based in Saudi Arabia founded by Abdullah ALZahrani in 2012 to empower the potential of people and organizations. Recognizing the gap in the Saudi market for boutique firms that are lean in delivering HR solutions, Tharwah aims to deliver creative solutions that take its clients’ organizational performance to a whole new level.

Our Vision

Empowering the Potential of people and organizations that work with us.

Our Mission

To help our clients,whether they are businesses or individuals, to realize their full potential through innovative HR services that add tremendous value to their bottom line. 

Our Values

Integrity is our guiding principle to hold our selves to highest ethical and moral standards. We live and behave according to our beliefs, principles, and values, which is the only way to be true to ourselves, and our clients.

Expertise is our most valuable asset when exploring solutions and interventions that address our clients’ unique needs and aspirations.

Delivery is our promise to our clients that we will deliver within the agreed time-frame, budget, and standards. 

About the Founder

Abdullah ALZahrani is an entrepreneur and HR consultant with focus and passion to help people and organizations realize their full potential through innovative people solutions. His vision is “Empowering Potential” which is emitted throughout his consultations and solutions. Abdullah is the founder and Managing Consultant of Tharwah Management Consulting (Previously Kawader). He also coined the term, and then trademark, The competency Resume, which is launched via Tharwty in 2017 to support job seekers and companies find the best match to empower the potential of both. Abdullah is also part of Endeavor’s VentureCorps Mentors which is a network of business leaders, industry experts, academics and entrepreneurs who help mentor high-impact entrepreneurs through their vital development experience. He holds a Master’s degree from one of the top HR programs in the U.S. with more than 13 years of diverse business experience in the Saudi market working in Saudi Aramco, Sadara Chemical Company and the larger private sector as an independent consultant. Abdullah is certified from various global professional bodies in areas like human resources, change management, organization development and psychometric assessments for the purpose of recruitment, selection and leadership development.